Sunday, 22 January 2012

Siratt LifeBook 2012 (1433-34)

Every year I keep a diary and try to write my thoughts down almost every single day. I love reading them later especially at the end of the year, sometimes feeling good with what I have achieved throughout the year Alhamdulillah and sometimes feeling sad thinking how I could have done more but missed the chance to do so. Since 2010 I have been using Siratt LifeBook and mashallah never looked back.
Every year the LifeBook is just getting better Alhamdulillah. In the beginning it has some very inspiring and thought-provoking chapters on belief, conviction, spirituality, self-esteem, positivity, self-analysis which are worth reading again and again, Alhamdulillah. This year Siratt LifeBook has incorporated numerous exciting ideas and concepts, devised by, to facilitate a practical approach to optimise ones daily productivity. Some of the other features include beautiful verses from the Qur’an, weekly hadith, weekly ‘did you know?’ to inform and remind of Muslim Contributions to civilisations, Islamic months calendar, prayer timetable, wonderful images of mosques around the world and so on. In their own words, “This LifeBook’s specific aim is to assist the reader in achieving its aspiration of ‘Living Islam’ in a wholesome sense. It is intended to be an inspiration for the reader as well as a practical guide and diary.”
For us Muslims, having a productive life is an essential part to fulfil our ultimate purpose in life, serving Allah subha ta’ala and gain His Pleasure. I would strongly recommend the Siratt LifeBook. Trust me, you will love using this very practical diary, insha-Allah! May Allah subhana ta’ala help us in living every single day of our life in a more rewarding and fulfilling way and earn His Ridwan, ameen!

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